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hai guys :D meet me again :) miss me? wahahha 
oke, now we will discuss about friendship.. hmm.. friendship? friendship is something special in your life right? i will explain you "what is friendship" in my mind. ofcourse, every people has difference opinions.
so.. what is friendship in your mind?

"FRIENDSHIP"yeah.. friendship. it is the luck if you can find it. have you ever thought? if you never meet someone who is will amuse you when you are sad? someone who always support you.. laugh together.. hangout..vent..talk..cry together. yeah..when you heard the word of "friendship" you will see something "so sweet" is it? but..what about people who is don't have "best friend" ? 

alone.. it is when nobody near you. just alone. you can't talk what's your problems to others. you just cry, sad, badmood, and no happy. anything's so dark. you'll afraid. have you ever felt that way? or have you ever seen people like that? what will you do? what do you think? how are you feeling? will you talk to them? people like this it's so easily to angry, right? it can make them "insane". but, it's difference..

they are people who is happy.. smiling and fun. no darkness, sadness, badness or whatever that. 
what do you think when look this pictures? happiness right? 
so.. what can you get? is it like this...?

that's the answer..
you will be happy when you are around people. will be sad when alone.
but what about.. if you are around bad people? will you happy?
that's the second question.. 
here..i will show you..

what about this? will you like this condition? have you ever been in this way? believe me whoever you you will uncomfortable if you around people like this.every people "ofcourse" ever be "angry" but, we have to control. nobody like to angry. people "hate" this. but how to "heal" that? how to make this gone? 
that's the answer.. bond will heal you.
"Friendship Bond"
whoever you, whatever you, whereever you, whenever it. 
we need "friendship"
believe or not..
friendship will heal anything..

the best friend will come to you when you are happy and sad. will accept you who you are. will always support you whatever it during it's good. will learn you. will advice you. they will cry if you cry. will laugh if you laugh. they hate if there are something disturb you. will share anything. will keep your secret. and give a "meaning"

"friendship is happiness"

so.. do you have best friends?
let's find it..before late.
if you have the best friend. will you make they be sad?
never support them? is it the bestfriend?
 try to remember your memories with them.
belive me..you will smile with yourself when you remember it. and affected or moved..?
well, what will you do to them after this?

say sorry..and say thanks to them.
you should to very "grateful" if you have friend like that. :)
this is what i want show to you..
about the meaning of Friendship.

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